PrivateVPN Review 2020: The Safest and most secure VPN on the market


PrivateVPN 2020 Review- It’s Astonishingly Better Than It’s Rivals

PrivateVPN is a new guy to the industry and claims that it offers better security and privacy as indicated in its name.
As we always do, we ran a lot of tests about every feature of this VPN service. And in this article, we are presenting you with the detailed results of these tests. Will it keep you private, secure, and safe or not? That’s the main question that we are going to answer.

Does PrivateVPN work with streaming platforms and especially Netflix?

Unfortunately, the answer is No. PrivateVPN claims that it’s capable of unblocking geo-restricted streaming content such as BBC, Hulu, iPlayer, and Netflix. But it doesn’t meet its pledges.
We can describe it as user-friendly for streaming since it labels all the servers and specific sites that can ensure you a good quality streaming.

And as indicated in the image above, the servers recommended enabled us to access Netflix successfully without technical issues. We were also able to access Hulu, iPlayer, ABC, Amazon Video, and more thanks to these servers.

Server’s Speed and Network

Private VPN was always known for its small server network. But it developed to the point that now it has more than 150 servers around 60 different countries, along with many server locations. However, the number is still small in comparison to its competitors. But it’s still growing and trying to expand its servers more and more and reach its competitors’ level.
When it comes to speed, it maintains a reliable connection that we can compare to some big heads in the VPN market.
As you probably know, a crowded VPN server might slow your connection speed. We tested our connection before and after utilizing PrivateVPN to know if that applies to this service too.
Before connecting to a PrivateVP server, our connection speed was about 65 Mbps.

The number thing that we noticed while using PrivateVPN is that it doesn’t recommend you or indicates the fastest servers to use. So we chose a server at random. And our first test was about a US-based server with which our connection slowed down to 22.21 Mbps.

The next service that we used as located in Chicago and brought us a good connection speed as you can see:

The connection speed with a UK based server was also apparently great.

In Europe, the connection speed wasn’t that good. For instance, with a German-based server, we got about 19 Mbps connection speed. Which is decent but not enough.

The big hit was with an Australian server. Our connection speed dropped to 3.38 Mbps.

It’s normal that when you connect to a server that is far away from your location, the connection speed isn’t good? But some providers offer you a good connection speed even in such a situation. And unfortunately, PrivateVPN isn’t like these providers.
What we can say about the speed test is that PrivateVPN doesn’t offer the best speed that you can have. But if we take into consideration it’s small server network, the connection speed is good.
We ran a lot of tests in a lot of VPN services, and we can tell you that there are a lot of VPN providers that offer a much better, if not excellent, speed. But the big plus for PrivateVPN is that the server’s speed stays stable for a long time.

Is PrivateVPN Good For Torrenting?

We can describe PrivateVPN as torrent-friendly because it offers unlimited P2P (Pair to pair) file sharing. And as we said previously, its name indicates that it has no logs policy. In other words, when you share a file or anything else it’s end to end encrypted with no third party involved, and you will stay anonymous and 100% private.

Does PrivateVPN Have an Adblocker?

The answer is No. PrivateVPN isn’t like any other VPN provider because it doesn’t offer an adblocker. So if you are scrolling Facebook or generally surfing on the internet a lot of ads will be shown and you can’t avoid them.

Does PrivateVPN work in China?

If you are looking forward to using a VPN service that will allow you to bypass the restrictions applied in China, PrivateVPN is a good option for you. Thanks to its Stealth VPN mode. We don’t really know what this mode is since the provider doesn’t want to talk about it because of the fear that its effectiveness might be reduced if more details about it are revealed.
But the only thing that we know about this mode is that it hides the fact that you are using a VPN service which allows you to invisibly fly under the Chinese radar.
L2TP protocol works also well in China and it’s offered by PrivateVPN. You can simply have it through the settings.

PrivateVPN’s Price And Value For Money

PrivateVPN price is really reasonable. And which makes it way affordable is that it offers some attractive discounts for longer plans.
If indeed it offers a simple VPN service but it’s quite performing. And all premium features are included in all subscription plans no matter their duration is.
It also offers a 30-day money-back for all of those who want to try it out.

Is PrivateVPN Compatible With Your Device?

PrivateVPN offers apps for a bunch of devices such as Windows, ios, Mac, and Android devices. It also works with Linux, Kodi, and compatible routers.
Besides, this VPN service supports a lot of protocols such as IKEv2, UDP/TCP, L2TP, IPsec, and PPTP for OpenVPN.
Furthermore, it has a feature with which you can connect six different devices at the same time and only with a single subscription. Which makes it a great deal for families or companies.

How About PrivateVPN’s Customer Service?

We discovered that PrivateVPN’s Live Chat isn’t available 24/7. It’s excellent, very responsive and the staff is respectful, friendly, and helpful but not always available.
The first time that we tried to contact it, it was offline and the link led us to its email.

The next morning we gave it a second try and it worked. We guess that the support team is available only during Sweden Business hours. It’s totally fine, but it would be good if that was indicated on its website.

Conclusion Of PrivateVPN’s Review

PrivateVPN is a great option for all affordable prices, the use of Netflix, and high-level security seekers.
It’s true that it has a lot of features to offer, but it lacks some important ones like the adblocker feature. And the VPN market is full of VPN providers that offer better security, with an expanded selection of servers. cloudways


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