ExpressVPN Review 2020: It’s Fast And Safe. But Is It Worth its high Price?


Express VPN is based in the British Virgin Islands. This VPN service costs 6.67 $ per month. It offers a 24/7 live customer support, with the possibility of refunding your payment within 30 days.
If you want to know more about how this service works and performs, then reading this article would help you understand this.

Also, it will offer you broad testing by revealing different faces and areas of the service, such as :

  • Its speed and reliability.
  • Its features and manual.
  • Its security degree.
  • Its capability of unblocking Netflix and other streaming services.

And the most crucial question that we are going to answer is: Does it worth the 6.67 $ per month or not?
Our answers will be accompanied by screenshots from the test that we run on all ExpressVPN apps on different devices.

ExpressVPN overview

Pros of ExpressVPN

Here are the results of our experience :

  • It supports all types of devices.
  • It provides you with high-level security and no issues.
  • It comes up with high speed and reliability.
  • It does not collect, or log, any information transmitted through the network.
  • It is based in a privacy-friendly jurisdiction (BVI).
  • It offers excellent streaming and works amazingly with Netflix.
  • It guarantees security everywhere with HTTPS.
  • It can split tunneling.
  • It works securely in Android and iOS apps.
  • It enables network communications within a VPN environment thanks to the VPN Router. Which means that it offers unlimited connections.
  • Its customer support is always available 24/24 and 7/7.

Cons of ExpressVPN

When it comes to its negative points, ExpressVPN is a little bit expensive in comparison to its competitors. But it offers a 49% coupon code.

P.S: If you see that ExpressVPN is overpriced, then there’s another alternative, which is NordVPN, that costs only 3.49$ per month, half the price of ExpressVPN, with its 70% discount.

Additional research findings

  • It can be used for torrenting.
  • It does work in China.
  • It allows five synchronous connections.

Now, after this overview of the service, let’s dive deeper into the details.

ExpressVPN Pros

1/ Its apps are secure and reliable

ExpressVPN remains the best choice when it comes to security and reliability.
Also, it works in different devices such as :

  • Windows
  • Android
  • Linux
  • iOS
  • iOS
  • Kindle Fire and Nook
  • Routers
  • Chromebooks

As you can see in this screenshot, it has the same design for Mac OS, Android, and iOS.

ExpressVPN app is still my favorite VPN service in terms of design. While a lot of VPN apps are full of technical issues, ExpressVPN apps are not.

2/ Say bye to technical issues and welcome to strong encryption

ExpressVPN is known for its strong encryption. Because it uses a 4096-bit RSA key with an AES 256-bit cipher and SHA-512 HMAC authentication. Which is considered as high standard encryption and extraordinary performance. Besides, it respects the PFS (Perfect Forward Secrecy) protocol.
Furthermore, you have the freedom to choose what VPN protocols you want to be applied directly to the apps. In the screenshot below, you can see the protocols guaranteed by ExpressVPN. If you are confused about which protocols to choose, this VPN service choose for you based on your network settings; you just have to enable “Automatic.”

The most used protocol is OpenVPN UDP because it has the perfect security-speed balance. But OpenVPN TCP is the best option if you have connection problems (It’s not as fast as OpenVPN UDP). Another fast and secure protocol is IKEv2.

If you are worried about your data, then with ExpressVPN, there should be no worries. Because this service refers to the kill switch as the Network Lock feature, and even if the VPN connection drops, this VPN service blocks all traffic. In other words, every packet of data will stay encrypted and secure, and your IP address will always be protected.
You can benefit from this feature in these apps :

  • Routers
  • Mac OS
  • Linux
  • Windows

In this screenshot, you can see that you can find the Network Lock in the general settings.

I already tried this feature with Mac and Windows, and it entirely worked when I dropped the VPN manually.
So if you are concerned with protecting your data and privacy, then Network Lock is the perfect feature for you. Even if a lot of VPN services offer it, but it’s rare when it works well.
In order to make sure that ExpressVPN works well in all apps, I ran tests in all the apps cited before. And what I found out is that it isn’t buggy in anyone of them. And that’s what you can see in this screenshot :

As the screenshot indicates, ExpressVPN is providing me with security for all my traffics thanks to an IPv4 address. It also blocks IPv6 and handles DNS requests.

As a conclusion about the ExpressVPN security level, we can say that it offers a high-security service and performance.

3/ Reliability and speed

ExpressVPN has proven itself valuable when it comes to speed and trust. In all the tests, the rate of my baseline was about 155 Mbps.

ExpressVPN speed tests

The first thing that I did is that I tested a server that is based in Berlin, Germany, with 144 Mbps of baseline speed. Which wasn’t so different from my baseline speed (155 Mbps).

My second test was about a Canadian server with speeds of 145 Mbps. Which is also a great speed in comparison to my baseline.

The next test was about a Swiss server. And as the previous tests, the result was good with around 146 Mbps.

Besides, we ran some tests in the US and Canada. A server-based in New York gave me 140 Mbps, another one in Dallas, and Texas gave me 137 Mbps.

In Canada, an ExpressVPN server was at 145 Mbps in Toronto and at 141Mbps in Montreal.

What we can conclude from all of these results is that ExpressVPN works perfectly anywhere.

4/ No logs are now a reality

ExpressVPN is considered as the best VPN services that have no logs. And that’s exactly what its no logs policy emphasizes.
In its policy, it precise that it will never log to your :

  • Ip address.
  • Browsing history.
  • Traffic destination or metadata.
  • DNS queries.

You should also know that there is an option in the VPN apps that enables sharing crash statistics in order to improve apps, but the data shared is totally anonymized.

5/ Based in a privacy-friendly jurisdiction (BVI)

As we said before, ExpressVPN is located in the British Virgin Islands. Witch is an independent, self-governed entity that respects people’s and enterprises’ privacy.

6/ Secure and large server network

ExpressVPN suggests a massive selection of a lot of servers from all over the world, along with secure network setup.
When we tested it, it has more than 160 VPN server locations in 94 countries.
If you want to see all the servers’ locations in your area, you can go to the server.

All servers run in RAM-disk mode.

ExpressVPN is a very handful VPN service that runs all of its servers in RAM-disk mode. In other words, it uses only RAM memory. This feature is referred to as the TrustedServer feature.

Express VPN and the use of virtual server locations

ExpressVPN claims clearly on its website that virtual locations are used for these two reasons :
*When the data center in the country in which you reside doesn’t meet with ExpressVPN’s security requirements.
*When the country doesn’t have the adequate infrastructure for ExpressVPN servers.
But some ExpressVPN users need IP addresses in these locations, ExpressVPN provides a limited number of virtual server locations.

ExpressVPN and the static/dedicated IP addresses

Unfortunately, ExpressVPN doesn’t offer dedicated IP addresses.

7/ ExpressVPN is great for streaming and works with Netflix

If you are looking for a good VPN service that works with Netflix and streaming services in general, then ExpressVPN is a good option. Because it’s one of the few VPN services that still work with Netflix with 24/7 access.
I tested it with the US Netflix, specifically in New York, and it amazingly worked, as you can in this screenshot.

8/ HTTPS with all browser extensions and everywhere

ExpressVPN browser extensions are literally everywhere, in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. But to get the browser extension, the service app should be already running on your desktop.
Now, you could ask yourself: Why do I need the desktop app to get the browser extension?
It’s true that the browser app helps switch server locations easily in your browser, rather than navigating to the desktop app. It looks like this in Firefox :

9/ Split tunneling feature

ExpressVPN provides you with the split tunneling feature in Windows, Mac iOS, Android, and routers.
This feature lets you choose which apps will go through the VPN tunnel, and the witch app won’t.
In the service app, there are three options that you can choose between:

  • All apps go through a VPN.
  • The selected apps aren’t allowed to go through VPN
  • The selected apps are allowed to use the VPN.

10/ Reliable Android and iOS apps

We tested ExpressVPN apps on Android and iOS, and they all performed well.
ExpressVPN provides you with secure AES-256 encryption, both Android and iOS.
This is a screenshot of the ExpressVPN iOS client :

11/ Dedicated VPN router app

ExpressVPN offers a dedicated VPN router app. Which means that you can get an unlimited number of connections.
If you want to try ExpressVPN router in your router, these are the current options that you will have :

  • The most recommended option is to use the ExpressVPN router app on one of the supported router models.
  • Setup manuallyExpressVPN on your router. Which is more work for you?

12/ Great refund policy and client support

When a lot of VPN services are struggling with their customer support, ExpressVPN is mastering it and doing pretty well in it.
The customer service also took part in my tests, and what I found out is that it’s polite, helpful, and always available 24/7.
When it comes to its refund policy, ExpressVPN guarantees a 30-day money-back with no questions. Wich is considered as one of the most prolonged refunds of Windows in the industry.

Express VPN gloomy side

It’s expensive

If we compare ExpressVPN prices with its rivals, we can easily notice that it’s so expensive. It costs 6.67 $ per month.
Here are the prices depending on the subscription duration :

  • 6.67$ per month (15-month plan)
  • 9.99$ per month (6-month plan)
  • 12.95$ per month (monthly plan)

Even if it is expensive, in terms of value, it offers a lot :

  • Speed.
  • Security and reliability.
  • Availability of Netflix and other streaming platforms 24/7.
  • Availability and effectiveness of Live chat support.

Supplementary research findings

ExpressVPN can be used for torrenting with no limitations or restrictions. The torrenting feature offers you :

  1. High-performance.
  2. Overseas jurisdiction.
  3. High-quality applications.
  4. No traffic restrictions.

ExpressVPN works in China.

You just need to connect to one of the China-designated servers.

ExpressVPN allows five simultaneous connections.

In other words, with only one subscription, you can use five devices and access to any platform at any time.

ExpressVPN review conclusion

All in all, ExpressVPN is one of the best VPN services in 2020.
In a market full of rivals, it saves its strong position and performance, thanks to its high-level of security, offshore jurisdiction, speed, no logs, and its excellent customer service.
The points that make you not to like ExpressVPN are invisible in comparison to its bright side.


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